Photo by Kurage Kikuchi


Since publishing her photography book “SUN,” Rei Sato has held a series of solo exhibitions in New York, Singapore, and Tokyo. Her signature style sees her print photos onto canvas and then paint over them with images that not only change the scenery but infuse it with the warmth of her effervescent personality. Recently, she has also been active as a VJ and receives invitations to local events at an almost weekly rate.

In 2010, Sato undertook artistic direction for the production of Prokofiev’s classic, Peter and the Wolf, for Works & Process at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Rei Sato currently lives and works in Taiwan.

2010 The Fountainhead Residency, Miami
2005 Graduated from Ochanomizu College of Fine Arts and Design
1984 Born in Yamagata Prefecture
Solo Exhibitions
2012 "Will I Bloom? Will I Transform? Will I Shine?" On Sundays, Tokyo
"All Monsters Hold Secrets In Their Grasp", ART HK12, Hong Kong
2011 "Will I Bloom? Will I Transform? Will I Shine?" Kaikai Kiki Gallery Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 "No Need For Forever", Hermes, Singapore
2008 "SUN", Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
"Rei Sato", Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York, NY
2003 Nano Galerie, Paris, France
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