Otani Workshop


Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1980, he started using the artist name Otani Workshop in 2005. Currently based in Shiga Prefecture town of Shigaraki, the artist works with wood, iron, and other materials in addition to ceramics. Otani’s works maintain the rough texture of coarse-grained clay, which, together with their cute appearances, give them their distinct air as sculptures. He participated in the group shows featuring ceramics curated by Takashi Murakami and held at Blum & Poe’s Los Angels and New York galleries in 2015 and 2016, respectively. In his solo show with Kaikai Kiki Gallery in 2016 titled “When I Was Seventeen, I Learned About Giacometti from My Art Teacher and Became Drawn to Sculpture—and So I Make Sculptures Now,” the artist explored the relationship between ceramics and sculptures.

2005 Founded Otani Workshop
2004 Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts
1980 Born in Shiga prefecrute
Solo Exhihibitions
2019 “Contes d’Awaji” Perrotin, Paris, France
2018 “Otani Workshop” Perrotin, Seoul, South Korea
2016 “When I Was Seventeen, I Learned About Giacometti from My Art Teacher and Became Drawn to Sculpture—and So I Make Sculptures Now.” Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo
2015 “Otani Workshop” t.gallery, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop” FUURO, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop” gallery uchiumi, Tokyo
2014 “Tadaima kosakuchu” Hidari Zingaro, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop” t.gallery, Tokyo
2013 “Otani Workshop” Tri Gallery, Tokyo
2012 “Otani Workshop” Nichi-nichi, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop: Iroiroten, Kino no Tsuzuki, Ashita no Ashita,” Tri Gallery, Tokyo
2011 “~of the soul~,” Hidari Zingaro/Oz Zingaro/Kaikiki Zingaro, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop no Utsuwaten ~OFF BEAT~,” Gallery Utsuwa Note, Saitama
“Otani Workshop” Nichi-nichi, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop ~Kousaku Sanmai~,” Tri Gallery, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop no Shigoto to Bon Antiques no Kodogu no Omise,” Jikken Shop 1928, Kyoto
2010 “Otani Workshop” Nichi-nichi, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop Chopi to shita Mono”Anzuya, Nara
2009 “Otani Workshop ~Kousaku Sanmai~,” Tri Gallery, Tokyo
2008 “Tou no Shigototen,”Tri Gallery, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop,” Ginza AKANE art gallery, Tokyo
“Otani Workshop Tenjikaiten,” Gallery KARAHASHI, Shiga
Group Exhibitions
2017 “An Occasion for Contemplating Ceramics and Sculpture: Seeds Sown in Shigaraki” Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo
2016 “Kazunori Hamana, Yuji Ueda, Otani Workshop” BLUM&POE, New York
“ton chin kan,” Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery , Tokyo
2015 “Kazunori Hamana, Yuji Ueda, Otani Workshop” BLUM&POE, Los Angeles
2013 “Yukiharu Kumagai Otani Workshop Futari-ten Tanoshii Kurashi, Utsuwa Note, Saitama
“G-tokyo” Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo
“Oz!Zingaro STYLE!” Oz Zingaro, Tokyo
2012 “Japanese Contemporary Ceramic Art by Oz Zingaro,” Hidari Zingaro Berlin, Berlin
“Around The Kochuten” Hidari Zinagaro/Oz Zingaro/Kaikiki Zingaro, Tokyo 
“4 ceramists exhibition” Hidari Zingaro Taipei, Taipei
2011 “YMO,” gallery Sala, Shiga
2010 “KAYU・Otani Workshop Futari Ten,” Mizunosora, Tokyo
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