Hideki Maekawa

©︎Hideki Maekawa



Born in Awaji Island in 1967, Maekawa graduated from Musashino Art University’s Oil Painting Course in 1989 and went to France in 1996. He has been presenting his sculptures, paintings, and everyday tools in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions while also holding a number of workshops. Around 2006, he started his “Zōkoku (statue carving)” series, in which he carves felled trees from rural mountains into human shapes. He has published VOMER, a book on his sculptures, and a collection of stories titled Zuhre.
The creation of his Buddha sculptures began with a dialogue with Murakami five years ago.

Solo Exhibitions

Kikunaraku, DEE’S HALL (Tokyo)
An Sean-Nós, Gallery Tamura (Hiroshima)

Hanajin to Michiyuki, Gallery Tamura (Hiroshima)

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