Shoko Nakazawa

©Shoko Nakazawa



Having grown up being greatly influenced by insects, creatures, and monsters since childhood, Nakazawa worked as a graphic designer and an illustrator before focusing on creating sofubi (soft vinyl) monsters (designing and model making). She has also collaborated with apparel brands such as Beams and MILKBOY, as well as created limited edition sofubi figures and, after a multifaceted career, now actively producing oil painting and sculpture as contemporary art. She has increasingly been presenting her works through art shows and solo exhibitions in and out of Japan.

Through her world of a girl, monsters, and small creatures, Nakazawa’s work depicts the desire to coexist with nature. Her representative works include “Japanese giant salamander Monster Byron” and “Seedlas.”

2022 Light and Shade, Hidari Zingaro (Tokyo)
2021 SxT Zingaro, Hidari Zingaro (Tokyo)
Ichijitsu Senshu, solo exhibition, Rotofugi (Chicago)
2019 CAMBRIAN, Dot Dot Dot Gallery (Hong Kong)
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