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Narumi Sasaki

2010 Enrolled at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting, Major in Oil Painting
2009 Enrolled at Shinjuku Bijutsu Gakuin
2008 Atelier PAO, Daytime Prep Course
2007 Shinjuku Bijutsu Gakuin, Prep Course for Entrance Exams
Atelier PAO, Evening Prep Course
1990 Born in Hiroshima

Art Thesis

Art is something which symbolizes a particular point in history or opens the door to a new era. I think it is the only mode of expression that incorporates part of every other academic field.

Favorite Artist & Art Movement

I have several favorite artists. I admire anyone who makes their name known to the public.

What is your image of the working artist?

It is not impossible for a working artist to define an era.