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Ryusuke Marume

2009 Enrolled at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting, Major in Oil Painting
2008 Oil painting course at Shinjuku Bijutsu Gakuin
2007 Worked part time at family waterproofing business
2005 Studied at Kichijoji Prepschool of Art
1986 Born in Tokyo

Art Thesis

While still hanging on to innate creative stance and preferences, I think it’s best to be neutral, rather than run away.

Favorite Artist & Art Movement

Skate Thing, Gary Panter, John Willie, Shinro Otake, Tadanori Yokoo, Nam June Paik, Makoto Orui, Andy Warhol, Shigeru, Sugiura, Allen Jones, Guy Bourdin, Les Klims, Kunishoyo Kaneko

What is your image of the working artist?

It seems to me a hard profession.