Photo by Fusako Murata(IG:@egifusako


Shin Murata (b. 1970 in Kyoto) graduated from Kyoto Seika University’s Ceramics Department in 1993, completing his graduate studies the following year. He established an independent studio following his apprenticeship under ceramicist Yoshitaka Araki. After building his own kiln in Kita-ku, Kyoto, in 2003, he went on to hold over ten exhibitions a year all across Japan. Despite such a popularity, Murata stopped showing new works in 2016 in order to delve deeper into his craft. In pursuit of the ultimate harmony between ceramics and food, he founded a platform along with his wife Fusako and Takashi Murakami to exhibit and sell ceramics, calligraphy, and art. The store, called Tonari no Murata, opened in 2020 after a three-year preparation period. Kaikai Kiki continues to support its operations.


2003 Built a kiln in Kita-ku, Kyoto
1998 Established an independent studio in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
1994 Completed the Master’s program in the School of Art, Kyoto Seika University
Began his study under Yoshitaka Araki, a ceramicist in Kyoto
1993 Graduated from the Ceramics Course, Kyoto Seika University
1970 Born in Kyoto
2020 “From Muan to Kumogahata” Tonari no Murata, Kyoto
2019 “Putting Things in Order, Fall 2019” tonoto, Kyoto
2015 “Shin Murata Exhibition”, RAKU, Kyoto
“Shin Murata Exhibition”, Ichou, Tokyo
2014 “Shin Murata Exhibition”, UTSUWAYA AKANE, Kyoto
2013 “With Thoughts on Goryeo: A Journey from Muan”, Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo

“Shin Murata Exhibition”, Utsuwa Hanada, Tokyo

2012 “Shin Murata Exhibition”, Tri Gallery, Tokyo

“Shin Murata Exhibition”, Kamakura Performing Arts Center, Kanagawa

1999 “Shin Murata Exhibition”, Gallery Nishikawa, Kyoto