Yuji Ueda


Yuji Ueda was born in Shiga Prefecture, Japan in 1975, to a family of tea growers in Shigaraki, a region known for its pottery and Japanese tea. He currently lives and works there. Through his experimentation with firing techniques, Ueda has created a unique process in which he employs whole blocks of Choseki feldspar or builds up irregular clay surfaces that can be fired in anagama kilns. Since 2019, Ueda has started creating paintings as well.

Solo Exhibitions
2020 “Picking Up Seeds” Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo
2018 “Memories of Resonating Clays” Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo
2015 “Yuji Ueda Solo Exhibition -Mario Hirama Soe Bana-” Sundries, Tokyo
2014 “Yuji Ueda Pottery Exhibition” t.gallery, Tokyo
“Cosmic Eruptions -Yuji Ueda Solo Exhibition-” pragmata, Tokyo
2013 “Yuji Ueda Pottery Exhibition -Shigaraki no Tsuchi to Hi to Toki to-” Gallery Fukka, Tokyo
“Yuji Ueda -Mizutamari no Tsuchi-” Oz Zingaro, Tokyo
2012 “Yuji Ueda -Sunaba-” Sundries, Tokyo
2009 “Cafe Wakaya Solo Exhibition” Cafe Wakaya, Mie
2008 “Gallery Karahashi Solo Exhibition” Gallery Karahashi, Shiga