ZOER Profile

Meaning quest is at the heart of Zoer’s work.This observer horns in, captures the real to better puzzle it out. His personal vision points his drawings from his early ages. As child, he spends time watching scrap yards, draws traffic-jam scenes and takes passion for destroyed items, changing objects.Thus he establishes his own formal vocabulary. As a teenager, he became familiar with comic art. By editing satyrical fanzines, he develops, graphic senses and narration.

In the early 00’s, parallel to his industrial design studies, he fréquents aerosol cans and abandoned lands, while deplying a sensibility for the color. He was soon noticed for his creative richness and his sense for integrating illustration to art of letter/typography.Like an architect, he builds the painting with poetry , reveals a glance with politic accents on society and its cultures. He’s giving a lot of attention to abandoned places and their hope for future.

His artistic language cultivates paradox. Often violence of the subject can resonate with the delicacy of the render. Precision justifying disorder, realism approaching utopia. Travelling the world for painting, he wants to settle in the landscape, considering the place he chooses to appropriate, thus giving it a new point of view.


VELVET Profile

Velvet CSX, whose real name is Matthieu Pommier, first started painting walls in the early 2000’s in the western part of France. The maritime and industrial landscapes were a great inspiration to him and it quickly awoke his creativity. Passionate drawer, he chose to dedicate his studies to applied arts, and then to a degree in product design.
Nowadays, as both an industrial designer and artist, he observes the world, with a critical but admiring eye, and focuses on humans and their environment as well as the objects they design.

Through painting, he wonders about the way we produce, use, recover or divert the function of our manufactured environment.

Attracted to a wide range of supports, he has chosen not to limit himself to one technique. His work is the union of both quick outdoor interventions and detailed oil painting canvases.

Velvet CSX combines in his subjects his most intimate recollection with a rigorous observation of what surrounds him in order to create a world in the twilight of reality and fantasy, narration and abstraction, pragmatism and sensibility.