"A Contemporary Art Exhibition For Contemporary Art Students

Before passing the entrance exams for art school, all of us received some form of preparatory training. Those were times of daily adventure. We came face to face with the meaning of drawing and painting, the emotions inside ourselves, the daily changes in our inner state, and felt the urge to capture every theme imaginable in our art. The mere thought of the test that awaited was enough to make our hearts skip a beat. And then… we passed.

In truth, art school has none of the sweet air of manga like Hachimitsu and Clover. We feel stagnant, we’ve lost our purpose. This is art for people like us, art made by us. Though we’ve just entered university, it’s something we know we can do.

Enough – it’s time to remember the words of my teacher. The one who prepared me. The one I liked. There’s no passing score left to work for – it’s that energy I want. My teacher’s name was X. There is much I can’t reveal but I am ready! To act one last time. To reclaim that feeling and capture it in art. Contemporary art.