Teppei Ono Pottery Exhibition
Light In The Shadow Of The Heart

Teppei Ono

December 03, 2010 – December 16, 2010

For the duration of this exhibition, the gallery will be open on Sundays. However, we will be closed on Mondays.

Modern Indigenous Pottery

Throughout my many lives, from the Jomon era, to the present, to the next and beyond, I have always felt and hope always to feel the touch of soil. These are the stories, layered within our very blood, in which I find myself. I am a man of the land, one whose life mirrors those who first inhabited the land, and my pottery exists for those who live off the land. Modern indigenous pottery. What is important are the realizations I have gained form my past selves and the light which art has shone on the darker regions within me. Believing in these things, I gather my courage and seek to create a light of my own.

Teppei Ono