"Bye Bye Game"


August 26, – September 23, 2011
Reception:Friday, August 26, 2011 18:00〜

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Straight from the digital community that continues to produce many of this generation’s top creators, an astonishing new talent has arrived.

With internet culture as his landscape, JNTHED was at one time a popular and charistmatic illustrator who also worked in video game productionbut he has since cast off his former career and methods to become a student of the art world.

“The “Game” in “Bye Bye Game” is not merely a reference to my break from the video game industry, but also to my leaving behind that spoiled, responsibility-free way of life wherein I could always hit continue when I reached game over, as if I were living in a constant state of moratorium.
Up to this point, the game world has always been my reality.
This title conveys the message that I am now saying good bye to that side of myself.”