Yuji Ueda


Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1975. Having studied under ceramist Kohyama Yasuhisa since 2002, Ueda currently lives and works in Kamiasamiya, Shigaraki in Shiga Prefecture. He has developed unique techniques where he uses a whole block of Choseki feldspar as his material or builds up an irregular surface with clay and fires it in an anagama kiln. Resulting works incorporate into themselves cracks and chips that could be dismissed as imperfections in conventional pottery making as a respectable form of beauty born out of natural clay.
Until now, he has been presenting his work primarily at shops that handle alternative ceramics, such as pragamata, or antique shops like Sundries. As such, his identity as a ceramicist has not yet firmly been established.

2011 Relocated to the Shigaraki neighborhood of Kamiasamiya and began collecting his own wood and stones
2005 While employed at a metalworking factory, began experimenting with glaze and built his own anagama kiln
2002 After studying under Shigaraki’s Yasuhisa Kohyama, gained first taste of life as ceramic artist
1975 Born in Shigaraki
Solo Exhibitions
2014 “Yuji Ueda Toten,”t.gallery(東京)
2013 “Yuji Ueda Toten – Shigaraki no Tsuchi to Hi to Toki to,” Gallery Fukka, Tokyo
“Yuji Ueda – Mizutamari no Tsuchi Ten,” Oz Zingaro, Tokyo
2012 “Yuji Ueda Sunaba Ten,” Sundries, Tokyo
2009 “Solo Exhibition,” Cafe Wakaya, Mie
2008 “Solo Exhibition,” Gallery Karahashi, Shiga
Group Exhibitions
2017 “An Occasion for Contemplating Ceramics and Sculpture: Seeds Sown in Shigaraki” Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo
2016 “Kazunori Hamana, Yuji Ueda, Otani Workshop,”BLUM&POE, New York
2015 “Kazunori Hamana, Yuji Ueda, Otani Workshop,”BLUM&POE, Los Angeles
2013 “San Nin Ten, Yuji Ueda & Otani Workshop & Yukiharu Kumagai,” Oz Zingaro, Tokyo
“Zanketsu Ten,” Utsuwa Note, Saitama
“Otsu!(Oz!) Zingaro STYLE!,” Oz Zingaro, Tokyo
2012 “Around The Kochuten,” Hidari Zinagaro/Oz Zingaro/Kaikiki Zingaro, Tokyo
2009 “Two-Man Exhibition,” Galerie Karahashi, Shiga
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