Kasing Lung



Born in Hong Kong in 1972.

Kasing Lung started his collaboration with How2work in Hong Kong as an illustrator in 2011, releasing illustrated story books and a series of collectible figures. His first illustrated book in Chinese, My Little Planet, was published in Taiwan in 2013. In 2014, Belgian publisher De Eenhoorn published a children’s illustrated book, Lizzy Wil Dansen, his collaboration with renowned storybook writer Brigitte Minne.
In 2015, Lung began producing the story series “The Monsters,” which was strongly influenced by Nordic mythology. A series of figures under the same title has been released from How2Work and, among them, the rabbit-ear character “Labubu” gained tremendous popularity and has been released in more than 300 colors, shapes and sizes.

In recent years, the artist has been based in Hong Kong and Belgium, focusing on producing painting. In 2020, he held his first solo art exhibition, “THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE”, at Hidari Zingaro in Tokyo.

2020 “THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE” Hidari Zingaro, Tokyo
2018 “The Monsters Store” Pop-up Store, Taipei
“Kasing’s Room 237” Wrong Gallery, Taipei
2017 “The Wild Things Monsters” Paradise, Taipei
“De Kleuren Monsters” Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong
2016 “My God It’s Full of Stars” Wrong Gallery, Taipei
2014 “My Little Planet” Paradise, Taipei
2013 “A Toys Forest” Henderson Malls, Hong Kong
2012 “Little Planet Network” Eslite Bookstore, Taichung
2021 “Healing x Healing” Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo
“Healing” Perrotin, Shanghai
2020 “Healing” Perrotin Matignon, Paris
“Healing” Perrotin, Seoul
“Unwrapped” Area 36 by JPS Art Gallery, Tokyo
2019 “Another Side of Tezuka Exhibition” The Little Hut, Taipei
“The Monsters and The Cosmic Starts” JPS Art Gallery, Tokyo
2015 “How Little World” Taipei Toy Festival, Taipei
2011 “One Day Children” Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taichung
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