coup d’pietà

Matthew Monahan

November 16, 2012 – December 22, 2012



18:00〜 Opening Reception
19:00〜 Artist’s Talk(Navigator: Takashi Murakami)

The Medivac [Detail], 2012
Rebar, plaster, aluminum leaf, gold leaf, paint
1740 x 1220 x 640 mm

Matthew Monahan’s work oscillates between the material and the immaterial, the abstract and allegorical, the light and heavy, the sharply cut and gracefully modeled. His sculptures are formed from a topsy-turvy collision of histories where sci-fi, classicism, religious iconography and modernism compete. Combining glass, foam, honeycomb mesh and treated paper, Monahan creates multi-dimensional monuments that appear to hover weightlessly in space, ignoring the laws of gravity. His figures are captured in the very moment of breaking through such constraints, about to be re-animated.