Aya Takano, “Heaven Is Inside Of You”

Recently, Hong Kong has established itself as a key art market, not only within Asia but in the global art scene as a whole. It was against that backdrop that Aya Takano opened her most recent solo exhibition on November 22.

Heaven Is Inside Of You
22.11.2012 – 29.12.29
Galerie Perrotin Hong Kong
50 Connaught Road Central

●Tuesday, November 20

Two days before the opening, installation was in full in swing.
Different positions were tested as Takano explained the concept behind each piece in detail.

The artist paid considerable attention to this unusually shaped canvas which was eventually hung near the Gallery’s entrance.

These drawings were installed as a collage, creating a truly wonderful sense of balance.

●Wednesday, November 21

The day before the opening and Takano has several interviews lined up. Wanting to express herself in her own words, she conducted each interview in English without an interpreter.

Once this was finished, she turned to signing catalogs without missing a beat. The volume was sheer but she never showed anything less than a smile, coupling each signature with a small illustration.

We can already see the faces of the friends who are lucky enough to receive this gift.

Installation is complete.

In the aftermath of the natural disasters which struck Japan in 2011, Takano ceased using acrylic paints and began working in oils. The unique, almost transparent feel of the material gives these new paintings a robustness that has not been seen in her previous work.

Here we see tables being set in the gallery for the evening’s VIP dinner.

Takano also journeyed outside in order to prepare for the dinner, riding thirty minutes to a Japanese-owned salon to have her kimono dressed.

Back in her hotel room, a stylist arranged by Galerie Perrotin’s Etsuko Nakajima sets Takano’s hair.

And we’re ready!

The artist looked almost as if she had emerged straight from one of her paintings!

Galerie owner Emmanuel Perrotin was also extremely pleased.

A photo to commemorate the success of the show.
On the right is Bharti Kher, whose work is also being shown at Galerie Perrotin concurrent ith Takano’s. In the center is Kaikai Kiki’s installation director Shin Kitahara.

Before the dinner, art critic Midori Matsui was also kind enough to stop by.
This was the first time Matsui had seen the completed paintings, after seeing them in progress at Takano’s atelier in Yokohama. Takano listens carefully and is quite moved by Matsui’s comments.

Both Takano and Matsui showed no signs of stopping their conversation as they continued discussing each work for a long period.

●Thursday, November 22

Opening Day

Takano gives an English greeting to the more than 30 members of the local press in attendance.
Everyone listens intensively as she discusses the concepts behind her work.

Guests enter the gallery in high anticipation.

Takano’s yoga instructor from Yokohama also came all the way to Hong Kong to see the show. The artist was pleased, as you can tell by this smile.

An after party in a bar with a lovely nighttime view.

The neon sky was quite spectacular.

Takano in a shot with three other Galerie Perrotin artists: Bharti Kher, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Bernard Frize, and of course Emmanuel Perrotin himself. Everyone was quite happy to see the success of Takano’s show.

The exhibition is on view until December 29. If you find yourself in Hong Kong, please stop by.