ob x Kazuki Sugawara: Live Performance in conjunction

ob x Kazuki Sugawara: Live Performance in conjunction
with ob’s solo exhibition “Heavenly Creatures”
April 6, 2013
16:00- 18:00
Kaikai Kiki Gallery

Throughout the exhibition period, ob has been painting live in the gallery on a daily basis
but on April 6, this ‘painting booth’ was further transformed into a new and exciting space.

Here we would like to offer a glimpse into the show’s second special performance: ob x Kazuki Sugawara.
Thanks to Sugawara’s music, ob’s visual universe expanded to new horizons.

Sheltered from the hard rain storm that hit Tokyo that day, the gallery was full of blooming colors and the music of spring.

Kazuki Sugawara’s music went perfectly in harmony with the show’s theme as well as ob’s movement as she carried out her brushwork.

Sugawara is a popular composer who works in a wide range of fields, including TV and theater, and had already collaborated with the artist on the animated film she produced for her special collection from shu uemura.

ob for shu uemura Spring 2013 Sakura Collection

As the music began to reach its climax, ob chose ‘Tsukihime’ from among the four characters she produced for the project and began to paint.

A particular favorite of the artist, Tsukihime is a princess who has taken on the task of rebuilding the moon from scattered fragments after it was destroyed by a human missile.

ob spent a particular amount of time creating her trademark eyes and gaping pupils.
They gained more and more depth as she continued applying layers of color.

The event concluded with a vocal performance by Ai Kamano from haisuinonasa.
Dressed as if a fifth princess had revealed herself to the enchanted audience, Kamano added the final touch to this harmonious collaboration.

ob stopped her work and listened to Kamano’s innocent voice.

“It was a dream come true for me,” she commented. “I’ve always said that my art needs music. Music helps me to better communicate my ideas to the people who see my work.”

From left: Sugawara, ob, and Kamano.

Thanks to these two wonderful guests, the collaboration ended with a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Live painting by ob will continue until the close of the exhibition.

The third in our series of special events “JNTHED x ob Live Painting” is scheduled on Saturday, April 13 from 11:00 to 19:00.

Kaikai Kiki artist JNTHED will join ob to continue exploring the princess motif, all before a live audience.

We hope you will stop by.

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