Exhibition “Takashi in Superflat Wonderland” Opening From July 4

On July 4th, Takashi Murakami will open a large scale solo retrospective at Plateau, Samsung Museum of Art, his first ever solo exhibition in South Korea. Along with several new paintings, the show offers the chance to see several representative works like Miss ko², the sculpture Second Mission Project Ko² which depicts the transformation of Ko² into a jet fighter, his official mascots Kaikai and Kiki, and the DOB series, all in one space. Works in a variety of digital media will also be on display, from photos to video pieces.

Below, we offer you a sneak peek at the installation of the show, which is underway now.

The early balloon works Mr. DOB and Guru Guru are among the works on display at the museum.

Installation Director Shin Kitahara (far right) is on site and working with his team and the museum staff to finalize the precise look of the show.

Second Mission Project ko² (ga-walk type). S.M.Pko² for short.

The S.M.Pko² series feature three distinct sculptures, human type、ga-walk type、and jet airplane type. Together, they visualize a narrative in which Miss ko² is the citim of a traffic accident and has her body transformed into that of an android. The series was first shown in Japan at 2000’s Wonder Festival.

The exhibition hall is fit with high ceilings, which allows the jet airplane type to really stand out.

Second Mission Project ko² (jet airplane type)

And what’s this – a miniature ko²?!

Aha – it’s a complete set of the Superflat Museum figures sold by Takara in 2003.
All editions are present.

In the opposite hall, the work Superflat Flowers, a sculpture composed of Murakami’s trademark flowers, is on display.

This mushroom sculpture is also a must see.

As seen here, sculptures arrive at the museum piece by piece and are then assembled.

Here staff are unpacking the five panel painting Contact.

Though South Korea is only two hours from Japan by plane, this is the first time that a high number of Murakami works have been shown in a single exhibition. The exhibition will run for the next half year, closing on December 8th. We hope you will take opportunity to stop by.

『Takashi in Superflat Wonderland』

Dates:July 4, 2013 – December 8 (Except Mondays, when museum is closed)
Hours:10:00〜18:00 (Final entrance at 17:30)
Venue:Plateau, Samsung Museum of Art